2-night/3-day package for 1 person


This event brings back all the memories and atmosphere of real and authentic rural pig slaughter and gives you the opportunity to relax and visit the towns in Vojvodina.


The first day :

  • Arrival in the afternoon
  • Dinner
  • Relaxation,preparation for the next day,as the program starts at dawn


The second day :

  • Get started in the early morning hours.The arrival of a pig,with some soul warmer
  • Breakfast: blood with onion and home-made bread, boiled wine
  • Lunch: fried meat with homemade pickled cabbage
  • Dinner: Slave soup, blood sausages,sausages,steamed cabbage,croissant
  • Live music at 6 o`clock, dance


The third day:

  • Breakfast:
  • City tour in one of the selected cities in Vojvodina (offer: Subotica, Novi Sad, Senta, Topola, Bečej)


Pork Weekend Package Price:

55 EU/person/2 nights+Tax( 0,5 EU/person/night)


Discount for children ( when the room is shared with parents )

  • 4-14 years old : 35 EU/ person/ two nights, full board
  • Over the age of 14 a full price is payable


The pig slaughter will be held at least with 20 people


Extra package :

  • Tasting package on Sunday departure

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