Romantic weekend tuned to the Midsummer night

On June 24th, the longest day of the year and this day has the shortest night too. Tradition calls this day the Midsummer night. It is the night of love, fertility and purification, when bonfires are burning around the world. Slavic, Germanic, and northern peoples have spent the summer solstice in Europe all the time, but for the Druids, the shortest night was considered to be the wedding of the heaven and earth, and they paid tribute accordingly.

Program: ( Friday )
– Arrival at the hotel, welcome drink ( home-made cherry or liqueur-own cooking),moving in
– Dinner ( Saturday )
– Romantic castle visit in Stari Bečej ( individually, or with Hungarian guides,if necessary, we can arrange it for free )
– Arrival at the hotel in the evening
– Candle-light dinner in the garden
– Lighting the fire,apples baked in ember,making a flower wreath,winding wish lanterns ( Sunday )
– Leaving the accommodation after breakfast

Price : 30 Eur/person

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